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Schroth's Bolt On brackets are very unique and have specific uses. Usually the brackets needed for harness use are included with each belt. However, they can be purchased separately because each bracket sovles some common problems associated with certain belt installations.

The 01323 Kit is a bolt-in kit for 3" webbing for SFI applications only. It is designed in such a way that it can be bent with pliers to a specific angle for acheiving a perfect harness installation. The most common use is for shoulder belts that need to be bolted into a harness bar. Will need the 3 bar slides that come with your shoulder belts. If you need those as well, you need the "Wrap Kit".

The 01324 Kit is a set of bolt in brackets that are usually sewn into 2" Lap belts. We call it a "Rallye End" kit because it usually comes on the street legal Rallye style belts. Like the 01323 kit, it is designed to be bent. These pieces are commonly used in Porsche applications where space for an Eye bolt is insufficient. This bracket can be bolted to the car, then bent so that a Snap-In bracket can be used to fix the harness to the bracket. We use these brackets in many applications where stock mounting locations do not leave sufficient space, or if the thread pitch is different from the eye bolts.

The 01326 Kit is a rigid bolt in bracket for 2" webbing that has a 3 bar slide integrated into it. It is also for SFI applications only. This gets rid of the need for any other brackets on the lap belt, as well as gives a method of adjustment on lap belts with no adjusters (Formula style belts sometimes come with no lap adjusters). The brackets have about a 15 degree angle to them which needs to be taken into account. These brackets can also be used for HANS Specific shoulder belts.

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