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EP357 ENDLESS ME20 BRAKE PADS (FRONT) (FOR 2019-2020 86/2017-2018 BRZ W/ BREMBO CALIPER/2015 WRX STI 2.5L Turbo/2016-2017 WRX STI (VAB)/CIVIC TYPE R FK8)

EP357 ENDLESS ME20 BRAKE PADS (FRONT) (FOR 2019-2020 86/2017-2018 BRZ W/ BREMBO CALIPER/2015 WRX STI 2.5L Turbo/2016-2017 WRX STI (VAB)/CIVIC TYPE R FK8)

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Sprint race brake pads offer a wide range of friction coefficients and torque curves for various driver preferences. In order to chose the best friction material, the car weight and chassis balance must be taken into consideration. Other factors to consider are the tires to be used with them, the road conditions of the circuit to be raced on and temperatures if they are known.

For light-weight cars and FF cars, we primary recommendations to start with would be ME20 or MS25/20. Taking the tires into consideration, if tire grip and road surface grip are known to be high our recommendation would be to start with N35S and make any adjustments as needed once a base line is established. For World Touring Car Championship style races we would select compounds with a high initial response. Compounds that offer good control while maintaining brake efficiency is preferred, in situations like this S580, S33O and other high initial bite compounds are recommended for the front.

For GT cars including GT3 cars our initial recommendations would usually be N35S, MS35/40, S41S based on the presumption of high down force and the need to select compounds best suited for heavy brake loads. When circuit conditions call for particularly higher brake loads the S41S, W003, or other higher friction more specialized compounds are required.

In terms of continuity with road surface conditions and ABS units the more mild and very stable characteristics of the ME20 would be best suited.

In cases where rear wheel lock may be an issue or for the rear of FF cars a more mild, slightly lower friction compounds specially designed to avoid rear lockup issues are available.

For the rear of FF setup cars recommended compounds include, but are not limited to NC44 and S55G or T47G for other cars depending on the load.

※MS20 and ML20A can also be used for the front if the load is suitable. They feature high controllability.

After trying the recommended compounds as listed above you are still not finding a good match we can provide further recommendations based on your specific needs. Collecting as much data as possible is critical in making adjustments to the brakes. Temperature data is a key factor in diagnosing any issues, examining the rotor and brake pad surfaces and any other feedback will play a key part in helping you to find the right compound that works best for you.

ME20 (Semi Metallic)

Average Friction: 0.45 - 0.52

Temperature Range: 150 - 800 Celsius

Developed as a Competition Sprint Race pad, though slightly milder, ME20 exhibits stable performance and good heat resistance offering low wear suitable for both front and rear applications. Compatible and works well with stock or racing ABS units.

Make Model Year Front Rear
Acura TL typeS 08- X
Aston Martin DB11 [Cast Iron Brakes] 16-18 X
Honda Civic typeR [FK8] 18- X
Hyundai Genesis [Coupe 3.8 Track] 10-15 X
Hyundai Genesis [R-Spec, w/Brembo Caliper] 10-15 X
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10 08-15 X
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 5/6 [w/Brembo Caliper] 98-00 X
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 5/6/7/8/9 [Tarmac for 15" Wheel] *Rally Car 93-95 X
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7/8/9 [w/Brembo Caliper] 03-07 X
Subaru BRZ [w/Brembo Brakes] 17-18 X
Subaru Impreza [All GDB Gr.N Termac Caliper for 15" Wheel] 00-07 X
Subaru Impreza [WRX Sti] 04-07 X
Subaru Impreza [WRX Sti](GRB/GRF) w/Brembo 08-12 X
Subaru Impreza [WRX Sti](GVB) w/Brembo 13-15 X
Subaru WRX [2.5L Turbo] 15-15 X
Subaru WRX [Sti](VAB) 16-17 X
Toyota 86 19-20 X
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